How to Play

"This is one game where everyone who plays is a winner!" - Katie

Landing Mr. Right is not only great fun, but the easiest game you'll ever play. Just roll the die, pick your guy and share your story as you laugh your way to Landing Mr. Right.

Roll the Die

The game accommodates up to 6 players, dating age and up. All women are jewels as reflected by the game's pawns. Players choose their jewel, roll the die and advance toward the Landing Mr. Right space. Each space gives you instructions, i.e., roll again, lose a turn or bring another player to your space.

Pick Your Guy

Every time you land on a Heart Space, pick a Date Card with the guy of your choice: Blue Blood, CEO, Regular Guy, Rock Star, Triathlete and Techno-Geek. Date the same guy or go out with all of them. It's risk-free dating and a great opportunity to explore relationships with men you might not think are your type. Just like in real-life dating, you move forward and backward on your way to Landing Mr. Right (a space on the board).

Share Your Story

Your dates take you to 10 destinations on the board: Sunny Side Up, Wild Things, New York New York, Be a Sport, French Kiss, Vegas Baby, Ride On, Meet the Family, Mountain High, Time to Wine. Read aloud a Your Story card and share your experiences with your girlfriends. There is no right or wrong answer to a question. Be creative, fantasize and pull from your own dating history.

Land Mr. Right

While technically the first player to land exactly on the Mr. Right space wins, all girlfriends who play are winners as they learn more about themselves and the men they choose to date.

Download Rules of the Game (PDF)