About Us

Alys & Victoria, the creators of Landing Mr. Right.

Are you or someone you know looking for Mr. Right? Get in the Game! Landing Mr. Right is the hilarious social board game that helps you find "The One."

Landing Mr. Right revolves around dating six types of men: Blue Blood, CEO, Regular Guy, Rock Star, Triathlete and Techno-Geek. The fun really starts as players share their stories and how they'd handle a wide-variety of situations found in the "Date-o-sphere" or today's world of dating. From "who was the first boy you kissed and is he now a friend on Facebook?" to whether your last relationship was sealed with a kiss or the great kiss-off- the answers get you thinking, laughing and discovering new things about yourself and your dating choices. Dubbed "Therapy in a Box," Landing Mr. Right is more than a game. When you roll the die, pick your guy and share your story, a journey of new possibilities begins. While technically the first player to land on Mr. Right (a space on the board) is the winner, all girlfriends who play the game win.

Landing Mr. Right was created by Alys & Victoria, two savvy, single women who've experienced the dating scene over the decades - from Studio 54 to Match.com. After one of the worst dates ever, Alys called Victoria to share the experience. The phone call began with, "have I got a story for you!" Rather than write another how-to book about dating, they realized what women are really looking for is a way to come together, share their stories and offer each other inspiration as they pursue "the One." Their philosophy is simple, when it comes to Landing Mr. Right, you've got to Get in the Game.

"Playing the game with your girlfriends reminds you that when it comes to dating, we've all had the same experiences. We're not alone." - Sarah